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5 Jul 2024

Cocktail Day

Sip, Savour, Celebrate: Unveiling the Art of Cocktails

Woodland Venue
July 5th
£650 + VAT for a table of 10
To Book Call - Neil Boobyer
To Book E-mail

Cocktail Day: Mix, Mingle, and Merriment at Llanerch Vineyard

Get ready to stir up some fun at Cocktail Day, a unique event hosted by the renowned Neil Boobyer. Scheduled to be an afternoon of delight, this event combines the pleasures of gourmet dining with the art of cocktail making. Join us for an experience where flavours, creativity, and laughter blend seamlessly.

Upon arrival, you'll be welcomed into an atmosphere brimming with anticipation. The event includes a sumptuous two-course lunch, featuring dishes that complement the vibrant cocktail selection awaiting at your table. But here's the twist – you become the mixologist! With an array of premium spirits, mixers, and garnishes at your fingertips, and expert guidance, you'll have the opportunity to mix & shake your own cocktails.

Adding to the spirit of the day, a world-class comedian will host the event, weaving in laughter and light-heartedness throughout the afternoon. As you sip on your self-crafted cocktails and enjoy the delicious cuisine, be prepared for an entertainment experience that will keep you smiling and engaged.

Cocktail Day at Llanerch Vineyard is more than just an event – it's a celebration of taste, talent, and good times. Don't miss this unique opportunity to mix your own cocktails and make unforgettable memories in the beautiful setting of our vineyard. Book your spot now for an afternoon filled with flavour, fun, and laughter.

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